About Join Telecom

Fast is not enough

At the beginning there was a lot of enthusiasm.
Then we added experience, responsibility and we persevered.
This is how Join Telecom was born.


Join Telecom wishes to minimize your efforts by providing a full range of services at competitive prices.
Join Telecom meets your needs with all the necessary tools to make technological progress a useful experience instead of a hard issue.


We use the most performant equipment and we employ personnel highly qualified in the telecom and IT field. Join Telecom provides a full range of services:
• complex web services – hosting, data backup, dedicated servers, collocated servers
• transparent ressing services
• internet and data transmission services
• VoIP services
• web design
• software application development
• training and IT consulting


Join Telecom partners were selected by competence, quality and professionalism. We wish to provide quality services and this can be achieved only with top partners.

Join Telecom founders: AVMax Data, Sanos Consulting Int’l and Top Microsystems.

Join Telecom network uptime in real time: