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VoIP Services – Join Telecom

Join Telecom implements a full range of Voice Over IP (VoIP) communication solutions .

The excellence of VoIP services provided by Join Telecom is demonstrated by practice, our users covering the Europe (Romania, Austria, France, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) and North America (U.S. and Canada).

This digital phone service, which is based on SIP technology, the same technology chosen as the standard UMTS (third generation mobile telephony), allows multimedia communication between two users through a virtual space, the Internet.

Because there are no prior conditions of a fixed IP address allocation, the solution allows a high degree of geographic portability of the telephone.

VoIP services can be installed in any location in the world, continuing to benefit of a Romanian phone number and list prices set in the commercial list.

A phone number may be located on multiple VoIP devices or softphone interfaces simultaneously, which is a beneficial solution for business people who do not want to carry equipment and to configure them every time they move. A call will make all the equipment ring simultaneously, the final call being able to be initiated from any of them.

Also, a phone number can function in hunting mode, ie initiating the call, moving it on an interior line and quickly releasing the external line (useful for call centers).

The system provides a PSTN numbering type, which allows for direct dialing to the subscriber (PSTN, Internet, satellite) from any existing telephony system. The service allows the use of a private numbering plan – calling using a short code inside the client;s network. Also, conversations in the Internet environment (towards subscribers to any SIP networks in the world) are unlimited and free.

The users of Join Telecom SIP telephony system are those who wish to have a way of communication, both fixed inside the network but also and portable during trips, on their laptop, that works in all Internet access conditions, allowing them to both initiate and receive telephone calls at low costs.

Usage examples:

- management personnel, working heavily on their computers and wishing to keep using the phone line without holding a telephone in their hand: they install on their own laptop the free XLite software and they are able to talk while working;

- people who have relatives abroad: they buy two phone numbers they install one in Romania and the other to their relatives abroad. Telephone conversations between the two numbers are free, the monthly subscription for being only for the two phone numbers. Moreover, relatives or friends abroad can call known in Romania at national rates;

- business people often moving to different offices in the country or abroad and who wish to be contacted to a unique phone number (obviously wishing to have as little bills as possible for their telephone, if possible only one bill): they install XLite on their laptop, and one VoIP gateway in each office where they are moving. All these locations will be accessible coding devices with the same phone number . Upon receiving a call, the phones will ring in all the locations, and the location where the call is picked up takes the conversation, stopping the initiation of the call in the remaining locations.

Service Rate
Monthly fee 4 €⁄month
Installation fee 10 €
Private numbering plan (optional) 1 €⁄month
Advanced Options (optional)

(Voicemail by e-mail, CLIR, Selective Calls Accept / Reject, Timebase Availability)

3 €⁄month
Detailed bill by mail (optional) 1 €⁄month